Published Writing

Fiction & Non-Fiction

A Way To Go, short story, Tincture, ed. 1, 2013 (download here)

Watch, short story, Etchings, ed. 12, 2013

What We Are, short story, Tincture, ed. 12, 2015 (download here)

Teenage Monsters: Coming of Age in My Father’s Care, memoir, Homer, 2018

Travelling, short story, n-Scribe, ed. 13, 2018 (available here)

Reviews, Opinion, Commentary

The Silence of MenSBS News2013

Gonski switch risks teaching schools bad habits, SBS News, 2013

Refusing to think about rape and violence won’t make it go awaySBS News, 2013

Toss brickbats at Gen Y and you miss the bigger pictureSBS News, 2013

What Blackadder can teach us about the pastSBS News, 2014

Australia Day: A case of mistaken identitySBS News, 2014

When it comes to education, politicians never learnSBS News, 2014

Domestic violence is just violenceSBS News, 2014

Questions but no answers: why QandA needs an overhaulSBS News, 2014

Fire – An Anthology by Delys Bird, review, NSW Writers’ Centre, 2014

Captives, by Angela Meyer, review, NSW Writers’ Centre, 2014

Bloc Club: Twin PeaksWriters Bloc, 2014

Teaching & technologyThe King’s Tribune, 2014

Hannibal: Evolution of the horror genre on TVACMI, 2015 (three part transcript of presentation delivered for ACMI’s Talking TV series)

George R. R. Martin Dragon His HeelsWriters Bloc, 2016

The Art of AdaptationWriters Bloc, 2017

The Alienist – review, The Brag, 2018


Genre in the digital age, panellist, Digital Writers’ Festival, 2014

The future of teaching writing, panellist, Emerging Writers’ Festival, 2014

Aurealis Awards judge, horror fiction (novels & short stories), 2014

Talking TV: Hannibal, panellist, ACMI, 2015

VCE English Text List, panel member, VCAA, 2016-2017

Frankenstein panel, panel member, Continuum, 2018